Upcoming Games in 2019

PlayGames2Learn.com - Games UpdateAs this year comes to a close, we have been planning our upcoming games in 2019.

For the official 2019 launch of PlayGames2Learn.com we have put together two print-and-play games that you can download right now: Pirates vs. Skeletons and Cube-Or-ACK! 

Both are quick and fun games that have lots of opportunity for learning related discussions.  And, to support the potential for more advanced game play in Pirates vs. Skeletons, we have also provided templates to make your own multi-sided dice, accompanied by a few key facts about those polyhedrons.

The next game that will be coming will be The Bone Game, expected to be available for purchase February 2019.  This fast-paced card-matching game provides a fun way to learn the 23 major bones in the human skeleton.  But while you are waiting, you can get a head start learning the Human Skeleton with the activities that we have ready right now.

Before the coming summer, we also plan to have rules published regarding an enhanced Memory game and a pair of games that use regular playing cards.  During this same time we are hoping to finally publish the 3-act play we wrote based on a puppet theatre some time ago!

There will be more announcements over the course of the coming year, so stay tuned for those updates.  In the meantime, Make Learning Fun!

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