is poised for launch!

For the past month, we have been working hard to get ready to reveal to the world.  We are very excited to be almost there.  It’s not just the website but the first set of games and activities that we are assembling and polishing up.

One of our daughter’s own games, The Bone Game, is almost ready to go to a print-on-demand game publisher.  Two other games, to be released as print-and-play on the website, are almost complete as well.

But what we are most excited about is that we have another dozen games, large and small, already waiting their turn – with a few of them slated to be rolling out over the first half of the New Year (2019).

As big believers in learning through play, we are happy to be able to start down this road of sharing our ideas with you.  We look forward to updating you again soon and hope you will find something here on to help make learning fun for your children at home or the students in your classroom. 🙂

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