- Probability BattleshipProbability Battleship is a mix of the traditional Battleship game and a coin-flipping or dice-rolling competition. Players roll a six-sided dice to try to score “hits” on their target fleet. Things will go easily enough in the beginning, but, as the options narrow, the probability of getting the roll you need becomes less and less. Finally you are struggling to get that last good roll to sink the fleet!

This game is a “Roll & Write” that you can play solo or with a friend. Collect your data and look for patterns or trends.

Educational: This game provides the opportunity to talk about the probability of rolling a number that you need and how that probability changes each time a “hit” is made. Over the course of a few games, you also collect a lot of data that can used for graphing and calculating basics statistics (eg: averages).

All Ages   1-2 players    5+ min.

This is a free print-and-play game.  Download here.



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