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It’s 1718 and King George I of Great Britain has just re-issued his royal pardon to all those engaged in piracy around the globe. However, it’s the Golden Age of Piracy and there are still rich prizes for the taking!

A short life but a merry one! That’s the pirate way! But a few did get out alive, and with their treasure too!

Can ye do it? Will ye head fer shore before yer doom befalls ye? Or perhaps the call of all that gold and silver is just too strong fer ye to heel about.

Time fer just one more run?
Avast! The glass is falling fast!

Pirate Pursuit – The King’s Pardon is a push-yer-luck card game for 2–6 players where, from time to time, yer famous pirates will be offered the King’s Pardon. Some may grab it quick and retire with their treasure hoard. Others might resist, sailing back out for just one more prize!

Players choose from eight famous pirates and then take turns asking each other questions about real pirate lore! Answer right and yer pirate adds the card to their treasure hoard. But, if yer doom catches up with ye before ye can take the King’s Pardon, then too bad; ye can’t take it with ye!

  • Swabbie’s Lore – What every sailor needs to know about basic nautical vocabulary and slang, whether you talk like a pirate or not.
  • Bosun’s Lore – If you want to stop climbing the rigging and start climbing the ladder to be a ship’s officer, you’ll need to be able to answer these questions about the tools of the trade and famous personalities.
  • Captain’s Lore – You’ll know the cut of a sailor’s jib by the answers they give to these questions about geography, historical events, and more difficult queries of the previous kinds. A true ship’s captain they may be.

Educational: This family-friendly game includes educational content related to infamous people, historical events, world geography, and naval vocabulary. Best of all… you will learn real facts about the world of pirates! - In support of

Ages 12+   2-6 players    30+ min.

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* This game includes the Pirate Lore cards from Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet.
* Already have “The Spanish Treasure Fleet? Get this box-less expansion of just the new cards!

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