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In 2023, we are donating all proceeds from our games and books in support of BC Children's Hospital!

Elemental Minions – 4 Games In 1!

Across four different games, 2–4 players battle to master their Elemental Minions while exploiting the strengths and weaknesses of the four primary elemental forces (Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water)! - Elemental Minions

Pirate Pursuit – The King’s Pardon!

Pirate Pursuit – The King’s Pardon is now available! Knowledge is the treasure your famous pirates seek! Check out all the details and pictures of this pirate lore card game on The Game Crafter. - #PiratePursuitTBG - The King's Pardon

Check out our Teacher’s Guide for The Day the Pirates Went Mad!

Extend the educational opportunities related to Emma’s adventures in The Day the Pirates Went Mad with our Teacher’s Guide. - The Day the Pirates Went Mad

Book Anniversary!

Follow the adventures of eleven-year-old Emma Sharpe at the turn of the 18th century as she learns to sail the sea and then must save her shipmates from a cursed pirate treasure!

Look Inside! Pirate Pursuit - The Spanish Treasure Fleet

Pirate Pursuit Board Game!

Find out more about our board game where pirate hunters chase the pirate. Answer questions about pirate lore to get the pirate to show themselves!

Family Fun! - Another Year - 2022

Our Latest Blog!

Christmas is almost here and another year has flown. Still, some things were done on for both our game design and writing efforts.

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We’ve also written a play—a comedy about a feast gone wrong!

“The King and Queen’s Banquet” encourages children to read aloud & act out its scenes. We hope it inspires you to tell your own stories too! Look inside on