Halloween activities

We got Halloween games!

Isn’t it about time for some Halloween family fun? . All our spookiest games are free to download – you just have to print and play them. Check out these Halloween games: How about creating your own spooky Halloween games – Our multi-sided game dice templates might get the ideas…rolling? 😉 #MakeLearningFun Join our Community

Silverpath.com - Back to School - #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Back to School & #TalkLikeAPirateDay

It’s the start of another school year already! And…It’s almost #TalkLikeAPirateDay! If you’d like to combine getting back to school with #TalkLikeAPirateDay, we’ve got some great ideas for engaging your rollicking crew of classroom and homeschool learners with our pirate-y games, activities, and even a historical adventure novel. Also, see the note below about our

PlayGames2Learn.com - The Bone Game - A New Look

The Bone Game – A New Look

Comming soon! You may already know we recently released a print-and-play version of The Bone Game with teachers and their classrooms in mind. But now, we’ve migrated that new look to our standard edition as well. Soon you’ll be able to order this upgraded version on professionally printed cards and in its own robust tuck

Silverpath.com - Another Year - 2022

Another Year Done – 2022

Christmas is almost here and another year has flown. On the game design side of things, this was, comparably, a year of low activity. Emma’s next adventure has been progressing well with scene building fully underway. But it’s a bit too soon to start sharing specifics about that! In the meantime, and in the ‘spirit

Halloween activities

Halloween Activities

In the mood for some family fun Halloween activities? All are free to download – you just have to print and play them! Check out our spookiest print-and-play games: Chess Attack – Spooky Creatures: Command the forces of the Great Pumpkin & the Witch Queen! Battle against Clan Dinosaur, the Animal Army, or Chess’ traditional

PlayGames2Learn.com - Back to School - Educational print-and-play STEM games

Back to School Already?

It’s already Fall! Have you been busy getting ready for a new year of school? New clothes, backpacks, and other supplies have been top topics around here for the last while. But we also have a game design update! A New Look for Back to School It’s been 3 years since we launched PlayGames2Learn.com with

PlayGames2Learn.com - Educational Games

Two Years of Indie Game Design

Thank you Nikita for two years of #TheIndieTabletopNewsletter! It’s been a great vehicle to share progress and find out about the work of other indie game designers! 🙂 In celebration, we thought we’d recap what we’ve shared over these 24 issues: July 2020 – we introduced PlayGames2Learn.com in the first issue and listed the dozen+

PlayGames2Learn.com - Gameplay - Dice Games

Scaling Gameplay

With creative attention on the next Emma Sharpe Adventure and as a new phase of schooling continues to demand more cycles, game design sits on the backburner. However, we recently enjoyed introducing a couple of our younger games to some new players and we were reminded of our article “Introducing Board Games – Start Small”.

PlayGames2Learn.com - Baked in STEM

Baked in STEM / STEAM

In connection with education, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Add in Arts (not just Fine Arts) and you have STEAM. STEM / STEAM are not a way of learning, but a high-level set of categories in which learning is desired. When our children are attending school either in the classroom or at