Cube-Or-ACK!Cube-Or-ACK! is a cube-building game where players have to attach their playing pieces to each other while staying within the constraints of a cube and avoiding their own colour.  The maximum size of the cube is determined by the number of playing pieces available. Players may choose to approach this game in a competitive or a cooperative manner

This game’s main mechanic is connecting together interlocking cube-shaped math manipulatives.  Players attach small cubes to each other in order to build a larger cube.

Educational: Players will have the opportunity to learn terminology used to describe 3D shapes, what it means to cube or cube-root a number, the number of units or pieces it takes to build a solid 3D shape, and to tally up scores.

 Ages 5+    2-4 players    10-20 min.

This is a free mini-game.  Download the rules here.

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