- Snort! The Truck-Spotting Travel GameFun on road trips and driving around town, SNORT! is a travel game for the whole family (except the driver, of course) on any car ride, especially the long ones! Score points when you spot and sing out the name of a truck matching one of your cards. But, especially keep an eye out for the most important vehicle, the Snort!

A pleasant side effect of playing SNORT! is the players experience a heightened awareness of their surroundings while travelling, which can often prompt interesting discussions.

Educational: This game is also a great way to introduce the names of different trucks to younger children learning to read. The pairing of a truck’s name with a visual representation of the vehicle, and the excitement of a successful truck-spotting, will aid in reading comprehension.

SNORT! can also be played solo.

All Ages   1-5 players    10+ - In support of

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