- Pirate Pursuit - The Spanish Treasure Fleet

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Every year, treasure is taken from the Spanish Main and shipped back to Spain through its colonies in the West Indies. Pirates prey on these treasure fleets while we pursue the pirates!

Take up the pirate hunting commission issued by the Governor of Havana to protect the treasure fleet and hunt down one of the scurvy scallywags who would rob the Spanish king of his pretty pieces-of-eight!

Or, are you the sort of dastardly rogue who would prefer to seize all that treasure for yourself? Then it’s the pirate’s life for you! Just don’t get caught!

In this educational game of cat-and-mouse, the pirate moves secretly about the game board, aiming to plunder the Spanish treasure fleet as it visits fortified ports along the Spanish Main before returning home to Seville.

The pirate hunters must use their knowledge of pirate lore to reveal the pirate’s location and drive them away from the treasure fleet – or better yet, to capture that blasted bilge rat of a thieving buccaneer!

The pirate hunters will face questions about pirate lore of varying difficulty:

  • Swabbie’s Lore – What every sailor needs to know about basic nautical vocabulary and slang, whether you talk like a pirate or not.
  • Bosun’s Lore – If you want to stop climbing the rigging and start climbing the ladder to be a ship’s officer, you’ll need to be able to answer these questions about the tools of the trade and famous personalities.
  • Captain’s Lore – You’ll know the cut of a sailor’s jib by the answers they give to these questions about geography, historical events, and more difficult queries of the previous kinds. A true ship’s captain they may be.

Educational: This family-friendly game includes educational content related to infamous people, historical events, world geography, and naval vocabulary. Players will also practice teamwork, social skills, verbal comprehension, and map reading. But best of all… you will learn real facts about the world of pirates!

Ages 12+   3-5 players    20-30 - In support of

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