- Project: Risky - Project: Risky DecisionProject: Risky Decision is a fast-paced game of probabilities and eventualities where players take on the roles of Software Project Managers trying to release their projects successfully. Your company will rise or fall upon the success or failure of your risky decisions.

Players must complete each game without exceeding the Impact Limit from realized risks that their project can absorb and still be considered a success.

Players mitigate the Likelihood and Impact values of their project risks with project events.

  • A lower Likelihood means a better chance of discarding the risk.
  • A lower Impact means fewer points accumulating towards the Impact Limit.

Educational: Is this really a game for kids? Well it wasn’t meant to be. It was designed as a training activity for software development teams learning about risk management. But if you approach it well, younger players will gain understanding of the two main components of risk: Likelihood and Impact. Through discussing what is risk and the mechanics the game, they will also have the opportunity to see how risk mitigation can help them avoid or minimize risks in real life.

Ages 9+    2-4 players    15+ min.

This is a free print-and-play game.  Download here.



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