The Bone Game Officially Released

It’s done! The Bone Game is now available through indie game publisher, The Game Crafter.

A fast-paced card-matching game, The Bone Game is a great way to introduce kids to the names and shapes of the 23 major bones of the human body.  While they are shouting out bone names and taking cards from each other, they won’t even notice their growing familiarity with the human skeleton.  It’s fun, quick, and educational!

For us, another really exciting thing about this game is that it was invented by our daughter when she was seven.  She had already learned the basic skeleton herself and wanted to create an educational game for other kids to have fun learning it, as well.

She conceived the concept and then over the next few months; mocked up the cards, detailed the rules, labelled the reference sheet, and organized the playtesting.  Her desire was strong to get it “properly printed”, but other projects and activities came to the fore.  The Bone Game was put on the “one-of-these-days” shelf.

About a year later, just before she turned nine, we picked it up again.  Rules were reviewed and updated through renewed playtesting, artwork for the bones got underway, and the cards and box were designed.  So many choices and decisions around colours, layouts, card and box options, etc; the majority of which were made by our young game designer.  The first complete prototypes were printed at a local print shop just in time for her tenth birthday.

The Bone Game - Before And After

Here are before and after pictures of The Bone Game. The published version has higher quality components, but it also has all the original fun!

With The Bone Game largely complete at this point, we paused work on it once again while we launched the website at the beginning of this year along with a few of our easy-to-share (print-and-play) games and accompanying activities.  (All of which had to go through their own design and playtesting of course.)

Then, after a lot of research into self-publishing options, we finally chose The Game Crafter to help us with our first foray into getting a tabletop game “properly printed”.  Now, we are proud to have the finished product finally available.

Another big plus for us, as parents, has been all the highly valuable learning-related discussions around designing and producing a game like this.  We certainly recommend game design as a great way to integrate learning-through-play with your kids whether they school at home or not. 🙂

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