- Elemental Minions

Elemental Minions includes four different games designed for 2–4 players using custom playing cards. Each of the four primary elemental forces (Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water) has a strength and weakness. Players must learn to exploit their strength and guard against their weakness as they seek to master their elemental minions!

The first game, “Control”, is a “trick-taking” game where players try to stay ahead of each other by switching “suits”.

The second game, “Power”, is a strategic rock-paper-scissors game where players try to outmanoeuvre each other with careful placement of their minions.

The third game, “Hierarchy”, is a co-op game of silent strategy that requires players to plan ahead as they build out their minions.

The last game, “Dominion”, is a “gobbler”-style game of area control where players must exploit their element’s strength and guard against its weakness.

Educational: All games require strategic thinking, and utilize basic math for sums and number comparisons.

Ages 6+   2-4 players   10-15 min.

This is a free print-and-play game. Download here.

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