- Elemental Minions

Elemental Minions will include three different games designed for 2–4 players using custom playing cards.

Each of the four primary elemental forces (Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water) has its strength and weakness. Players must learn to exploit these strengths and guard against weakness as they seek to control their elemental power!

Educational: Each game provides the players an opportunity for applying or exploring basic mathematical concepts and strategy.

The first game, “Dominion”, is a game of area control that utilizes basic math for sums and number comparisons.


Thanks for checking out the play test version of our first game for Elemental Minions. Please let us know if found any rules issues or thought of any gameplay suggestions. Additionally, we are also keen to hear about any typos or graphical issues!

Ages 6+   2-4 players   10-15 min.

This is a free print-and-play game. Download here.

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