- The Bone Game

Learn the 23 major bones in the human body with this fast-paced card-matching game.

You’ll have so much fun shouting and taking cards from the other players, you won’t even notice your growing knowledge of human skeletal anatomy!

This game’s main mechanic is matching pairs of cards with the correct text and images.

  • Picture Only Cards – Each of these cards show a single bone that you have to pair with the correct Bone Name Card.
  • Bone Name Cards – Each of these cards show a group of bones but are titled with the name of just one of those bones.

Educational: Players will learn to recognize the 23 major bones in the human body by name and picture, ideal for families with school-age children and for teachers with students learning about the human skeleton. More info is available on

 Ages 7+    2-4 players    5-10 - In support of

Teachers Edition (print-and-play) is free to download here.

Standard Edition (printed w/ box) is available through

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