- The Royal Three

The Royal Three are three different games designed for two players using a deck of regular playing cards.

The first game, “Path to the King”, is a simple card-drawing game that utilizes pattern-matching and numerical progression including the ordering of abstract symbols, eg: the face cards.

The second game, “Betting on Royalty”, is also a card-drawing game, but one that provides the opportunity to talk about the probability of drawing a particular card and how that probability changes each time a card is drawn and becomes known.

The third game, “Battle Royale”, is a more involved game of card-capture that provides a framework for practicing addition and greater than / less than comparisons.  It also includes the potential for exploring strategic thinking around finding the most efficient solution for capturing cards.

Note: Each of these games has its own suggested age requirement.

 Ages 4+    2 players    5-10 min.

This is a free mini-game.  Download the rules here.

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