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It’s already Fall! Have you been busy getting ready for a new year of school? New clothes, backpacks, and other supplies have been top topics around here for the last while. But we also have a game design update!

A New Look for Back to School

It’s been 3 years since we launched with “The Bone Game” as one of our first games – designed by our daughter to help make learning the human skeleton more fun. This fast-paced card game has a new card back and background to the card faces. The game play remains just as fun, including all the shouting! 🙂

Check out the new cards in our print-and-play Teachers Edition of “The Bone Game”, along with the human skeleton activity sheets, on our website.

More Educational Print-and-Play Games

We have 20+ games and activities for families with younger children and for elementary classrooms to add to their back-to-school STEM games library. Games like:

  • Chess Attack” (all) – a playful chess-teaching game which emphasizes strategic thinking but without the automatic piece taking – the chess pieces must fight for the right to win a combat.
  • Probability Battleship” (all) – a dice-rolling battleship game where players have the opportunity to see how probability changes each time a ‘hit’ is made.
  • The Royal Three” (4+) – three different mathematically inclined games designed for two players using a deck of regular playing cards.
  • Elemental Minions” (6+) – four games in one that require strategic thinking and utilize basic math for sums and number comparisons while players seek to master their elemental minions.
  • Pirate Ship Paper Craft (7+) – an activity to make a 3D ‘board’ for our dice-roller, “Pirates vs. Skeletons”, but it is also a fun craft in its own right.
  • Target Zer0” (7+) – a straightforward dice-rolling competition where players use a pre-determined set of mathematical operators to construct an equation to produce a result as close to zero as possible.
  • Hotel Escape” (8+) – a dice-rolling race-game using positive and negative numbers where the players are trying to escape a burning hotel as quickly as they can. Choose to play “Classic Edition”, “Zombie Edition”, or “Rescue Edition”.

Find all of these and more at

We hope you find something to help #MakeLearningFun for your kids and inspire their own game design ideas! 🙂

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