Start Small - Introducing Board Games

Introducing Board Games – Start Small

Introducing board games to your young children can be an “iffy” thing – especially with the more involved games. Long gameplay Strategy, thinking long-term Need to do well, need to win Rules complexity, reading comprehension Player versus player (alliances, stealing, hurting or killing) These are all challenges to ability, attention span, and appropriateness.  But, you

Dice rolling game - Flash! by Blue Orange Games

Math is Fun with Dice Rolling Competitions

Dice rolling competitions are quick, exciting games to play and are easy to define.  They are also ideal for encouraging children to lead the play and make the rules.  Best of all, from a learning point of view, you can embed a lot of math in them. A dice rolling competition that we enjoyed early

The Bone Game - Before And After

The Bone Game Officially Released

It’s done! The Bone Game is now available through indie game publisher, The Game Crafter. A fast-paced card-matching game, The Bone Game is a great way to introduce kids to the names and shapes of the 23 major bones of the human body.  While they are shouting out bone names and taking cards from each - Games Update

Upcoming Games in 2019

As this year comes to a close, we have been planning our upcoming games in 2019. For the official 2019 launch of we have put together two print-and-play games that you can download right now: Pirates vs. Skeletons and Cube-Or-ACK!  Both are quick and fun games that have lots of opportunity for learning related