12 Months of #TheIndieTabletopNewsletter

PlayGames2Learn.com - Educational Games

Twelve(!) #TheIndieTabletopNewsletter ’s ago, we introduced PlayGames2Learn.com as where we publish/share our educational games (board, card, dice) for kids. Now, over a dozen games and activities are currently listed here on our website.

Many are math-centric like:

  • “Probability Battleship”
  • “Pirates vs. Skeletons”
  • “Hotel Escape”
  • “Target Zer0”
  • “The Royal Three”

Some are science-focused like “The Bone Game” and “Extinction Event”.

Others are meant to encourage strategic thinking or prompt discussion like “Chess Attack” and “SNORT!”

Most recently, we published “Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet” where players can have fun learning chasing the sneaky pirate while learning about infamous people, historical events, world geography, and naval vocabulary.

And since releasing our historical novel for middle-grade readers, “The Day the Pirates Went Mad”, we’ve been working on a new print-and-play, “Elemental Minions”. The first of three related games, “Elemental Minions: Dominion” is ready and available for playtesting at https://playgames2learn.com/games/elemental-minions/

Give it a try! Or any of our other games! Let us know if you find them to be useful to #MakeLearningFun!

We look forward to reading and contributing to another year of #TheIndieTabletopNewsletter, and checking out all the cool projects everyone is working on. Most of all, we hope our games might inspire your children or classroom to design games of their own! 🙂

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