Published! “The King and Queen’s Banquet”

Synopsis of a Playful Adventure Story - The King and Queen's BanquetIn the comedy adventure of “The King and Queen’s Banquet”, the King and Queen want to host a banquet party.  But some of their chosen dishes pose a real challenge to the Royal Hunter.  Lion steaks?  Shark and sea turtle soup?  In comparison, getting the rabbit appetizer should be quite easy, right?

Fortunately, the hunter gains the aid of a helpful witch and together they gather what is needed, though not without some difficulties along the way.  However, at the banquet itself, an uninvited guest (that’s right – a dragon!) takes the party on an amusingly dark turn.

Authors’ Hope

Arranged as a three-act play, we imagine “The King and Queen’s Banquet” being read quietly to oneself or dramatically out loud, acted out as a puppet theatre, or even put on as an elementary or middle-grade school play.  Whichever way you enjoy our story, we hope you have as much fun imagining all the action as we did when we first thought it up.

The Origin Story

This story began as the transcript of a puppet theatre conceived by our daughter.  There was no pre-planning of the story or the characters.  We divided up the puppets and the dialogue just started.  Afterwards, we thought it had been such a fun story that we wanted to write it down.

Our daughter had stated a year or so previous that she had the goal to put a book onto a library shelf so that other children would be able to “literally” check it out.  We decided to use this story to learn all about how to self-publish a book and even make it available around the world.

A few months later, a first print run was undertaken and copies were given out as Christmas presents with one going to her school library to be formally added to the shelves.  But there was still the “available around the world” part to complete.  We wanted to take the story to a print-on-demand distributor like Amazon to show that one can have an idea for a story, write it, and put it out there for others to enjoy like any other published book.

But first, other ideas came to the fore: a short historical fiction that has now grown to novel-size, a board game centered around 18th century pirate trivia, and her recently released card game, “The Bone Game”, that teaches the human skeleton.

“The King and Queen’s Banquet” and these other projects then became catalysts for creating Silverpath Publishing and  We want to share them all.  So we launched the website with its initial set of print-and-play games and activities and then released “The Bone Game” through The Game Crafter, before finally returning to “The King and Queen’s Banquet”.

Now, after some important polishing, we are proud to be able to say that the official edition of “The King and Queen’s Banquet” is available through Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats!

We hope hearing the background of how this story came to be will inspire others to create and publish their own “playful” stories. ????

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