Free Print-and-play Halloween Games

We have a few Halloween games for you to check out.

All are free to download – you just have to print and play them! - Halloween Games
  • Chess Attack – Spooky Creatures: Command the forces of the Great Pumpkin & the Witch Queen! Battle against Clan Dinosaur, the Animal Army, or Chess’ traditional faceless warriors! Rolling the dice keeps victory a fun possibility for younger/less-experienced players while they practice their strategic thinking.
  • Hotel Escape – Zombie Edition: The hotel is on fire AND zombies are chasing you! It’s a perfect time to increase familiarity with negative numbers and the conventions of the number line, isn’t it?
  • Pirates vs Skeletons: Skeletons are attacking the pirates while their ship is at anchor. Scale the complexity of the dice rolls and introduce more strategy with different commander abilities to fit the interests of the players.
  • The Human Skeleton: Learn the names of the bones in the human skeleton with the help of a couple fun activity sheets. Might be useful the next time you bump into one!

Create your own spooky Halloween games! Our multi-sided game dice templates might get the ideas rolling? 😉

Happy Halloween!

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