DONE is a Powerful Feeling - #PiratePursuitTBG - The King's Pardon - Box Done

Pirate Pursuit – The King’s Pardon is done. I have recently completed the final design work and ordered the proof. Yay!

Though the project is not quite complete, the game is. There is the store page to do, and then the proof may reveal there is an error to fix, or an image to brighten – but this is not designing or creating.

The creation is DONE. And the feeling of being done is a powerful one. But it can also be fleeting. At these times, I try to be sure to remind myself to honour the creation and the effort that went into it.

And a lot of work did go into completing this game. Even more work, years in fact, went into the historical novel I released earlier this year. Similarly, a large amount of effort went into completing Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet and, along the way, many other smaller projects were finished and shared.

In each case, there was the sense of accomplishment, the satisfaction of completing this thing; this creation. But once it was done, immediately the thoughts came of “now what?”, “what’s next?”, and “now I can work on the next idea!”

At the same time, there is a lassitude, an inertia, a reluctance to start up the process again. And I can sometimes enter the “long dark tea-time” of being a creative person.

For me, I have observed this time is typically shorter for smaller projects. After the book though, it was definitely a push to get myself back to working on The King’s Pardon. Our latest print-and-play,Elemental Minions: Dominion, helped with that! 🙂

Now, I’m waiting to hold the physical proof in my hands, and to feel the feeling of DONE again so I can truly honour what I have made. Meanwhile, I’m in a lull, a sort of welcome drifting, considering and wondering which idea will be next.

Of course, Hallowe’en will be here soon and I’m sure my co-designer will have some ideas on how to #MakeLearningFun! 🙂

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