- The Bone GameFree print-and-play pre-release of our Teachers Edition now available.

The Teachers Edition was planned for this Fall, but with so many #StuckAtHome and now doing #SchoolAtHome we wanted to make The Bone Game available for printing at home ASAP!

You can download the game’s PDF file here.

And you can download printable activity sheets for the human skeleton here.

Play this fast-paced card-matching game to learn the names of the 23 major bones in the human body. You’ll have so much fun shouting and taking cards from the other players, you won’t even notice your growing knowledge of human skeletal anatomy.

This game’s main mechanic is matching pairs of cards using text and images.

Educational: Players will learn to recognize the 23 major bones in the human skeleton by name and picture.

 Ages 7+    2-4 players    5-10 min.

The professionally printed version of this game is available for purchase through


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