- Snort! The Trucks-Spotting Travel GameThis travel game does not require a surface and is designed to be played solo or by the whole family (excepting the driver, of course).  Whether on a vacation road trip or a long ride through the city, players are challenged to spot different kinds of trucks, but the most important vehicle to watch out for is the “SNORT!”

Aside from entertaining passengers during a long car ride, this game is also great for introducing the names of many trucks to children learning to read.  The pairing of the truck’s name with a visual representation of the vehicle and the excitement of a successful truck-spotting will aid in reading comprehension.

All Ages   1-5 players    10+ min.

* This game was an entry in Button Shy Games‘ October #18CardChallenge Game Design Contest.

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*** Download a low-ink black & white preview version (1st nine cards only) here and give it a try this holiday season.


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