Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet; now available!

An educational game of cat-and-mouse where 3–5 players must use their knowledge of real pirate lore to catch the crafty pirate before they can plunder the Spanish treasure fleet!

Pirate Pursuit Released!

Find out more about our newest game where pirate hunters chase the pirate. Answer questions about pirate lore to get the pirate to show themselves!

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Miser vs Miser

Take a side in the eternal struggle. Roll a die, subtract & then count on the number line to see who is getting the upper hand this time.

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Games from our Brains

Finding the right commercial games for our children’s educational needs can be challenging. But games from our brains? There’s always something new…

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Nugget-based Learning

Games can be great vehicles for learning. Finding a game that does nuggest-based learning well is like finding a prehistoric insect preserved in amber…

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We’ve also written a book—a comedy about a feast gone wrong!

“The King and Queen’s Banquet” encourages children to read aloud & act out its scenes. We hope it inspires you to tell your own stories too! Look inside on Amazon.com